Our tequila is made with 100% finest blue agave plants grown in the fertile red soil in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. 
Each agave plant is carefully tended for about 7 years before they reach maturity when the pinas are harvested.

Piñas are then selected and later roasted in the traditional masonry ovens for 48 hours at 90 degree celsius, the same technique used by our distillery more than a century ago, which helps obtain robust agave juice abundance and sugar. 

Our master distiller uses a special yeast for the 96 hour fermentation process that yields a unique aromatic flavor. 

After double-distillation, our tequila is aged in premium American white oak barrels for 60 months, longer than most of the tequilas in the market, allowing our tequila to pick up hints of spice and barrel oak, and taking the smoothness to a whole new level.

In the final step, aged tequila is carefully filtered using charcoal to reduce impurities and enhance the crispness and the flavor of agave, while maintaining the complexity of extra añejo. 

Silky and rich with flavors of of cooked agave, caramel, vanilla, citrus, and lingering oak, LOS 7 Ángeles tequila is especially made to be slowly sipped, neat or on the rocks.